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Vladas Kančiauskas | Hourglass, 1981 | Polished bronze, 28x16x16

Vladas Kančiauskas | Hourglass, 1981 | Polished bronze, 28x16x16

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A version is in the LDM, and a larger version is in the square of the Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences in Vilnius. Museum author. In Lithuania, his works are held by LNDM.

Author's comments about "The Hourglass" can be found in the documentary film from 22:01 to 24:15 minutes:

Dokumentinis filmas

In his work, Vladas Kančiauskas frequently employs metaphors. This time, he uses the combination of an egg and an hourglass to describe the interweaving of life and death. The sculpture "The Hourglass" is a true discovery in Lithuanian sculpture. The egg, considered a symbol of life, is given the form of an hourglass by the sculptor. This hourglass divides life into two poles, defining it in time from beginning to end.

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