Renting artwork? Why?

In a space where you often spend your time, where your guests or clients visit, you can have a collection of high artistic value, recognized artworks without significant investments. Such a choice enhances the prestige of the space, demonstrates the owner's inclination towards cultural interests, creates an aesthetic, refined environment that promotes the formation of a quality microclimate, productivity, and creativity.


Who can rent artwork?

We rent artworks to owners of spaces such as homes, offices, beauty salons, clinics, hotels, and other establishments who can ensure the safety of the artworks and appropriate display conditions.

What kinds of artwork can be rented?

Tumo Gallery rents paintings and sculptures by contemporary African artists and Lithuanian artists. Most of the artworks on our website are available for rent. Contact us, and we will send you a catalog of available rental artworks.

How to choose artwork(s)?

If you're unsure which artworks would suit your space, contact us, share photos of the spaces where you'd like to display artworks, and Tumo Gallery specialists will select paintings or sculptures that could fit your space and send you a catalog of these artworks.

We can also visit your space and, after the visit, send you a catalog of artworks that best suit your space.

How can I know if the selected artwork will fit my space?

Before the artwork(s) arrive at your space, we can create and send visualizations to help you better imagine how the artwork will look in the space. To create visualizations, we need several high-quality photos of your space and the measurements of the wall where the artwork will be hung.

Also, we can bring artworks to your space for a few days for "trial placement."


Who will take care of displaying the artworks?

We will take care of providing hanging systems, their installation, and means for displaying the artworks. An aesthetic sticker with key information about the artwork is added to each piece.

Raphael MAYNE

You like the artwork, but not the framing?

We collaborate with the best framing specialists in Lithuania, so we can coordinate the framing of the artwork according to your preferences.

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For more detailed information about renting artworks, please contact us by phone or email.

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