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NKSIN (Japan) | Boring Girl, 2021 | Acrylic on canvas, 117x117 (121x121)

NKSIN (Japan) | Boring Girl, 2021 | Acrylic on canvas, 117x117 (121x121)

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NKSIN was born in 1994 in Fukushima, Japan, where he still lives and creates. He primarily exhibits his works in Tokyo and abroad.

Born to a Japanese father and a Filipino mother, NKSIN grew up disillusioned by a community that did not fully accept his multicultural background. His own experiences prompted him to explore social discrimination issues prevalent in various communities. His works primarily focus on this theme. Various forms of discrimination are reflected in the main characters, who portray it provocatively and with humor, juxtaposed with his own experiences.

NKSIN's portraits depict artisans, actors, musicians, artists, and other icons who have shaped their era's culture. By giving them contemporary clothing and everyday fashion and placing them in present-day contexts, he juxtaposes feelings of nostalgia and rejection from the past and present.

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