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Kingsley Obasi (Nigeria) | Old Soldier, 2021 | Acrylic on canvas, 120x90 (134x105)

Kingsley Obasi (Nigeria) | Old Soldier, 2021 | Acrylic on canvas, 120x90 (134x105)

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Sign.: LL ObasiKingsley  2021

Kingsley Obasi was born in 1983 in Nigeria. He learned the secrets of art at the School of Art and Design, Yaba College of Technology, Nigeria. In his works, Obasi captures human activity and the inconsistent nature of humanity. Hidden within his works are distinctive human traits that stand out from their facial composure, especially when looking into the eyes.

In his art, Kingsley Obasi strives to capture power, emotions, beauty, feelings, and unsettling thoughts, focusing on social phenomena that greatly influence our behavior, opinions, and reality.

In the secondary market, Obasi's works have been sold multiple times at prestigious auctions such as CHRISTIE'S and SOTHEBY'S. His record price for a piece is €12,729 ("Self portrait" (2020) Acrylic/canvas 151.5 x 112.3 cm; Price including buyer's premium: € 12,729, 09-03-2022, Christie's).

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