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Hilda Palafox (Mexico) | Momento II, 2021 | Oil on canvas, 120x110

Hilda Palafox (Mexico) | Momento II, 2021 | Oil on canvas, 120x110

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Hilda Palafox (born in 1982) lives and works in Mexico, her formal artistic education began at the Design School of the National Institute of Fine Arts (EDINBA).

Her work includes drawing, painting, ceramics, and textiles. She delves into the mystery of femininity, striving for balance with the symbolism of physical, emotional, and spiritual states of existence. She explores the visible body as a plastic material, always seeking transformation.

Her focus is on the relationship between the artwork and the viewer through seemingly everyday rituals that serve as subtle analogies about emotions and the closest experiences that the human psyche undergoes. In this mystical introspective study, the measurement of time disappears. The figurative elements she uses always share a feminine perspective but never deny an open interpretation. For Hilda, while the origin is constant, the possibilities are endless.

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