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Etiyé Dimma Poulsen | Sun Goddess | Bronze, metal, H: 227 cm

Etiyé Dimma Poulsen | Sun Goddess | Bronze, metal, H: 227 cm

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Ettiye Dimma Poulsen (born 1968) - a Danish sculptor born in Ethiopia. Currently, she lives and works in a studio in Antwerp, Belgium. At the beginning of her artistic career, she painted landscapes, but later, in 1991, after moving to France, she started working with clay.

Her inspiration comes from traditional statues or tribal styles, incorporating Ettiye's own feelings and memories into her work. "What truly attracts me is the different variations of human qualities," she says. "The simpler my forms are, the more expressive they become. If you look closely at the sculptures, you will be surprised to notice that facial expressions are actually created by a cracked line, as if life emerges from corrosion," says Ettiye.

Primarily, Poulsen works with clay, and bronze sculptures by her are very rare in the market.

E.D. Poulsen's works are held in the collection of the National Museum of African History in Washington.

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