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Erik Bergrin (USA) | Juanita, 2015 | Various materials, 213,4x76,2x50,8

Erik Bergrin (USA) | Juanita, 2015 | Various materials, 213,4x76,2x50,8

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Erik Bergrin (b. 1980) - a contemporary artist and fashion designer, living and working in New York.

JUANITA - the 4th artwork from the series of 9 works titled "SHADOW WORKS".

SHADOW WORKS is a ritualistic narrative portraying the occurrence where Darkness conquers the Mind, creating a psychological abyss. We allow negative thoughts to enter us one after another until they consume us, and we die to be reborn. All the works in the series form a circle, emphasizing this never-ending process. Hands are accentuated in all 9 artworks, highlighting that we ourselves are doing this to us.

JUANITA - a mummy found in PERU. Juanita was a girl who lived in the Inca Empire in the 15th century and was chosen for Sacrifice to the Gods at the age of 12-15. Throughout her short life, she knew she would die in the next few years. Knowing that she would soon die, one can accept this information in two ways: to live the remaining life in crippling fear or to accept it and be free.

When Erik Bergrin first heard this story, he realized that the only difference between her and us is that we have some unknown time left, and the knowledge of given time can either crush you or, conversely, liberate your thoughts. The central part of the artwork is open, showing how much "garbage" / "negative thoughts" we let into ourselves, and how they fester there.





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