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Dalia Matulaitė | Balance, 1980 | Bronze, 39x15x23

Dalia Matulaitė | Balance, 1980 | Bronze, 39x15x23

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This is a parallel of associative abstraction:
a boat - not a boat, a fish - not a fish,
a fish as the idea of a boat, of movement.
The balance of optical and real weights
between statics and dynamics.

A prominent sculpture adorns the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences’ rest house in Palanga. This artwork is reproduced in the book "Contemporary Lithuanian Art" (Paris Exhibition Catalog, edited by Christian Noorbergen, Nijolė Tumėnienė, et al.; 2019) on page 103 (see the photo from the exhibition display). It is also featured in the book by Dalia Matulaitė (Vilnius, Artseria, 2014) on pages 40-41 and 184.

The artist is a distinguished figure in the museum sphere. In Lithuania, her works are housed in the Lithuanian National Museum of Art (LNDM) and the Museum of the History of Lithuania Minor.

She was awarded the Lithuanian National Culture and Arts Prize in 2000, signifying her substantial contribution to the cultural landscape. This accolade, among the highest national honors, underscores her significant impact on Lithuanian art. Her oeuvre is characterized by a meticulous balance of form and concept, often exploring the dynamic interplay between static and kinetic elements, a thematic exploration evident in her acclaimed large-scale sculptures.

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