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BERYL COOK, OBE (UK) | 3 Musicians, 1995 | Litograph, 110/650, 42,5x42 (69,5x66,5)

BERYL COOK, OBE (UK) | 3 Musicians, 1995 | Litograph, 110/650, 42,5x42 (69,5x66,5)

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Sign.: LL: 110/650, LR: Beryl Cook

Beryl Cook, OBE, is one of the best-known British artists, often creating humorous portraits of everyday people and illustrations for books. She was a modest and reserved person, but in her artworks, she portrayed vivid, extroverted personalities spending time in bars, shopping centers, family picnics, and travels.

Beryl Cook began her artistic career only in 1960 while living in Zimbabwe. Her first art exhibition took place in 1975 at the Plymouth Art Center, and thereafter, exhibitions of her work were held regularly until her death. In 1995, Beryl Cook was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth II for her contributions to the art world.

Beryl Cook's paintings are included in the collections of renowned museums and galleries worldwide, such as the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow (GoMA), Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth Arts Gallery, and Durham Museum.


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