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ALPHA ODH (Kenya) | Untitled #74, 2022 | Acrylic, canvas, 75x65

ALPHA ODH (Kenya) | Untitled #74, 2022 | Acrylic, canvas, 75x65

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Sign.: ΩLPHA.22 (front lower right)

ALPHA ODH  - b. 1998, KENYA

ALPHA started with abstracts and realism, and only after he took a camera into his hands did the INSPIRATION for contemporary creations emerge. As the artist suggests, the camera can perfectly COPY REALITY in seconds and there is no need to do the same on the canvas. On the canvases of ALPHA ODH the world of threatening urban existence is rendered. Introspection and social commentary gushing through his canvases are meant to start a dialogue about the human condition.

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