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Adolfas Vaičaitis | Tools, 1965 | Linocut, 7/35, 20x14

Adolfas Vaičaitis | Tools, 1965 | Linocut, 7/35, 20x14

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Sign. AK: Vaičaitis 1965, AD: 7/35

The version is LNDM.

Museum author. In Lithuania, works are held by LNDM, NČDM, Autoportretas

Creating impressive visual spectacles with minimal means, impressing with the plasticity, musical movement of lines and forms, the random spread of color spots, the beauty of their flow, speaks of A. Vaičaitis' mastery as a graphic artist and painter, about the free movement of a perfected hand, where spontaneous Western expression and meditative, morning-exuding expression are combined. *

  • "TERRA AUSTRALIS INCOGNITA. Lithuanian Artists in Australia" (LDM, Vilnius 2019), p. 142

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