Collection: VISIONARIES OF ART: K. Zimblytė x M. Gediminas | EXHIBITION

The exhibition takes place at TUMO Gallery, Užupio St.19, Vilnius.

Open hours: Wednesday to Friday: 12:00-19:00, Saturday to Sunday: 12:00-18:00.

One of the most prominent Lithuanian artists of the second half of the 20th century, Kazė Zimblytė (1933-1999), graduated from the Textile Department of the State Art Institute in 1959. After her studies, she primarily engaged in fabric dyeing in her spare time, while also dedicating herself to painting. In the 1970s, Zimblytė developed one of the most radical directions in abstract material painting. Such boldness at the time pushed her to the fringes of official artistic life. In her visions and works, Kazė used both her experience as a textile artist and various old materials, such as paper from cigar boxes or attached pieces of jute fabric to the painted surface. Sensual sensations of the material itself were important to Zimblytė, evoked by the thickness of the paint, tears, cuts, uneven and smooth surfaces of the canvas. According to the regulations in force at the time, textile artists could not participate in general painting exhibitions. Therefore, she exhibited her works in private spaces: at Vladas Vildžiūnas' in Jeruzalė, at the Vaga publishing house (only for 1 day), and in private friends' apartments. She had the opportunity to hold her first solo exhibition at the Art Exhibition Palace in Vilnius only in 1988. Until then, her works from the "in memoriam" series were officially created for the public space of the Vilnius Funeral House.

Martynas Gediminas (b. 1974) also graduated from the Textile Department of VDA. Like Zimblytė, he creates a vision of an artistic object, using various materials in his works to create layering of objects. The fragments of fabric in his works have been replaced by modern materials and technologies. Like Kazė, he also ventures into the three-dimensional space with his works. M. Gediminas has participated in exhibitions in Egypt (2021), Art Basel Volta (2022), K8, Užtrakis Manor, Art Vilnius (2021, 2022), and Art Basel Miami Beach (2022).