Collection: Ramunė Aldona Kmieliauskaitė

Ramunė Aldona Kmieliauskaitė (1960–2020) was a Lithuanian graphic artist and watercolorist, and the daughter of A. Kmieliauskas.

In 1984, she graduated from the Lithuanian Institute of Art with a degree in graphics. Since 1984, she participated in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad; she held solo exhibitions in Vilnius, Kaunas, Chicago, Vetlanda, Ålesund, Český Krumlov, Riga, Brussels, and other locations. She was a member of the Lithuanian watercolorist group AQUA since 1992.

R. Kmieliauskaitė primarily created watercolors, heavily influenced by ancient Chinese and Japanese art, as well as by the works of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. She developed a unique style: her watercolors resembled arabesques, characterized by combinations of warm and cool tones, vibrant or spontaneous transparent brushstrokes, various textures, and free compositions, with a predominant focus on plant motifs, especially flowers. She also created prints and ex-libris. Additionally, she illustrated books with her watercolors, including "Mano laiko spalvos" (My Time's Colors) by Silvija Laurenčikaitė in 1999, among others.