Collection: Xavier Alvarez

b. 1949, France

Xavier Alvarez: "The duality of the female body, masculinity, and femininity, and the questioning of identity are my themes. As I evolve as a sculptor, I never stop shaping and refining to achieve curves that are distilled to the essential. Sculpture is an adventure, the movement of life that carries me along with its force. I commit without knowing the outcome. The setup of my art foundry in Toulouse allows me to follow my work from creation to bronze: wandering, sketches, forms, casting, forging, patina."

Xavier Alvarez invites us to discover his world—a world of intertwined desires and fantasies. Emotions and desires for love shift, perspectives change, so dreams merge with fiction. Charming and fantasy-filled, Xavier Alvarez's sculptures have a primal quality. The transformation and disproportion of the model, the rejection of similarity in favor of purity, awaken the spirit of magic and sacredness. Allowing this gift to unfold through the poetic force of his hand, the sculptor creates works of expressive power, where admiration and enchantment merge.

His sculptures are a reflection of the artist, generous and benevolent. They are limited to essential matters and express feelings. They imply tenderness, emotion, the joys of life, attachment, love... And all of this is astonishing in its simplicity. Yes, Xavier Alvarez's art provides tranquility, which connects and simultaneously humanizes relationships, it is something to see, touch, caress... Love.