DARIA LIKHOLOBOVA<br>Ash, 2023 m.<br>Aliejus drobė, 80x100

Ash, 2023 m.
Aliejus drobė, 80x100

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DARIA LIKHOLOBOVA (b. 2003, Ukraine)

I grew up in eastern Ukraine when I was 11 years old in my hometown the war broke out and I had to move to a safer place with my mom.
The city of Irpin became such a place where I graduated from school, found people close to me and found a new home.
But on the night of February 24, my house was taken away from me again, my city was
destroyed, like everything that I loved.

My country, my nation, like no one knows what the value of freedom is.The work depicts a boy of 5 years old, he stands against the background of the destroyed buildings of the burned-out city, on the boy's hand, a white bandage that civilians usually hang on their hand as an identification mark.
Above the boy's head, you can observe a halo or divine radiance, which means that he left this world like thousands of Ukrainian children. The picture is depicted in black-yellow-white tones, with the help of which I wanted to convey the pain of the whole situation that is happening in my country.