Collection: Petras Aleksandravičius

1906–1997, Lithuania

Petras Aleksandravičius was a painter and sculptor.

He was born on October 21, 1906, in Vartai village, Krosna parish, Kalvarija district, and died on December 25, 1997, in Vilnius. From 1928 to 1933, he studied sculpture at the Kaunas School of Art (under J. Zikaras, K. Sklėrius, J. Mikėnas) and literature at the university. From 1936 to 1940, he taught at Šiauliai Gymnasium. From 1940, he lectured on sculpture at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. From 1951 to 1977, he was the head of the Drawing Department and a professor from 1946. From 1953, he participated in exhibitions and held individual exhibitions in Vilnius. The majority of his work consists of lyrical psychological portraits in various forms (busts, heads, reliefs), such as portraits of Žemaitė (1946), K. Petrauskas (1950), J. Kėdainis (1958), E. Mieželaitis (1963), J. Miltinis (1969), his wife (1980), J. Baltrušaitis (1983). He created tombstones (B. Sruoga, 1957; K. Jakubėnas, 1960; J. Aleksandravičius, 1976, all in Vilnius; J. Kriščiūnas and his wife, 1965; J. Jablonskis, 1966, both in Kaunas), memorial sculptures (L. Ivinskis, 1958, in Kuršėnai; Žemaitė, 1970, in Vilnius; A. Vienuolis, 1982, in Anykščiai; J. Jablonskis, 1992, in Marijampolė). The main themes of his chamber sculptures (reliefs, sculpture groups) are youth, motherhood, and work (At the Seaside, 1938; In the Fields, 1966; Leisure, 1973; Spring Harvest, 1975; Mother and Child, 1992; Nation's Suffering, 1994; Harvesting Apples, 1995). His sculptures were made of bronze, wood, marble, and granite. He also painted watercolors depicting Vilnius and its surroundings, the seaside, and drew sketches. He was awarded the State Prize of the USSR in 1951 and the Order of Gediminas, 3rd class, in 1996.

Source: Universal Lithuanian Encyclopedia / [scientific editorial board: chairman - Juozas Tumelis … et al.]. - Vilnius: Institute of Scientific and Encyclopedic Publications, 2001, Vol. 1, p. 312.

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